The Aerolite .50 Cal Muzzleloader Bullet Ballistic Test by The World ...

May 6, 2013 . Michael E. Clay with the World Hunting Club conduct a ballistic test with the .50 cal Aerolite from Powerbelt. We take the Aerolite and a .

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powerbelt ballistic chart

28 inch ballistic chart zeroed at 150 yards 1 - Powerbelt Bullets

Trajectory. -1.5. 0.53. 1.97. 2.74. 2.77. 1.89. 0. -3.05. -7.53. -13.57 -21.21 .45 cal 195 gr HP Copper Clad BC=.152 150 grains. Distance (yards). Muzzle. 25. 50.

Powerbelt Bullets - CHUCKHAWKS.COM

Randy Wakeman writes about Powerbelt Bullets. . caliber bullet is always superior in sectional density and almost always superior in ballistic coefficient.

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February 4, 2008

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PowerBelt Platinums also deliver an improved ballistic coefficient by utilizing a more aggressive bullet taper design. Not only does the new taper provide for a .

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Success Stories - Hodgdon Powder

Loading Data · Reloading Data Center; Shot Shell Bushing Chart . Caroline is 12 and she used a 225 Grain AEROTIP Powerbelt in front of 150 grains of . Ava used a load of a 120 grain Ballistic Tip and 41 grains of H-4895 in a Hornady .

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FAQ - White Muzzleloading

Ballistic Tables . Presumably your bullets velocity will maintain better so the bullet's trajectory will be flatter. . I switched the rifle over to musket caps a year ago, the accuracy is exceptional with 100gr Pyrodex and 295 grain Powerbelts.

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Powerbelt bullets [Archive] - Cabela's Talk Forums

[Archive] Powerbelt bullets Big Game Hunting. . They only have load charts for Hornady SST and XTP for smokeless. . down the bore, producing faster, more consistent velocities to improve both trajectory and accuracy.


Real Guns - The 50 Beowulf - A reluctant retrospective

According to my engineering calculator, Chuck, that works out to about 9.25 lbs . the 50 Beowulf delivers approximately the same ballistics as 45-70 hot loads with . Power Belt, a producer of muzzle loader bullets, has a steel tip 530 grain .


Sep 1, 2013. Gold from Harvester Muzzleloading and the 250-grain Powerbelt Aer. . loads/ bullets to compile four ballistic charts included with the scope.

ITX Shot at Ballistic Products

BPI's ballistic laboratory develops high-performance non-toxic .

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Master BDC Dial Chart for website-rev4 - Somemanuals

Dial Reference Charts for Common . "Ballistic Silvertip"-the name of the type of bullet. "at 4150 . Powerbelt 100 yd Sight-In, 28" Barrel (Black Powder)*. 40.,BDC--DIAL--CHARTS-NEW,JJFJAAJ.PDF

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Success Stories - IMR

Loading Data · Reloading Data Center; Shot Shell Bushing Chart . Nosler Ballistic tip loaded with 39 gr. of IMR 3031. . The 530 grain steel pointed PowerBelt did very well when shot with the Traditions double powered by three IMR White .

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