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Erotic Horror (Story Directory)

Stories and images of sex and horror. HOME · I love getting . Under the Bed ( Warnings: Monsters, rape - Monster/m, blood, gore, vore, death.) Lucky ( Warnings: .

Vore - Works | Archive of Our Own

Kurt is attacked, raped, and swallowed whole by a monster. . WARNING: CONTAINS VORE AND, MORE GENERALLY SPEAKING, THE EROTICISM OF .

71% (1005 ratings)
February 4, 2008

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snake - Literotica.com

Author finds herself entrapped by a rape case. by frozenfire_1118in Erotic . story : a gangbang with foreigners in goa. by qualifierin Group Sex05/23/053.38 .

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These are public boards and may contain adult content. Do not enter if . guro, non-consentual, rape, scat, violence, vore, watersports, drug use, etc. *** If you .

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I haven't rated it because I didn't get much into the sex but it has a LOT of stuff in it . Warning – some vore. . MC Stories – The erotic mind control story archive.

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Alien - Stories - XNXX.COM

Tags: Science-Fiction, Alien, Anal, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Mind Control, Oral . Tags: Fantasy, Alien, Consensual Sex, First Time, Male Domination, Oral Sex .


Monmusu Quest! Origins -Assaulted by the Vamp- [Toro ... - DLsite

Mar 10, 2011 . The story of being reverse-molested by sexy inhuman vixens! | DLsite . Massive interaction - over 60 monster girls, all can have sex! * . There's some vore involved, nothing too graphic but if you don't like it avoid this.

Bronystories - FIMFiction.net - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ...

“Writing is a lot like sex: at first you do it because you enjoy it. Then you find yourself doing it with others. But if you're any good at all, you end up doing it for less .

The Library |

He raped dozens of women subjecting them to all manner perverse acts. Sloppman especially loved making his victims climax before strangling or suffocating .

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Fan Fiction Friday: "Harry Potter and the Surprise Package ...

Feb 12, 2010 . Harry Potter Gets Anally Raped by a Girl . She was somewhat pear shaped, lacking the sexy hourglass curve of older women, but she made .

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Everything to Fear

Very NSFW This blog will contain many controversial topics in the world of adult erotic art. Such as: gore, death, . Guro Challenge Day 3 - Vore. # fearart · # vore  .


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The 12 Most Disturbing Fetishes To Keep You Up At Night - Oddee ...

Dec 9, 2010 . Most of these people are sex addicts who cannot get turned on through other, less risky behaviors. . Vorarephilia: The Cannibalism Fetish .

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